It's what you don't see that matters!

Behind every successful website is CODE. Clean, uncomplicated and compliant code.

Whilst we understand "pretty" - things have to look good, please the eyes and as importantly engage the mind, there is so much more to a positive online presence.

We get this and work behind the scenes to ensure the code in our sites is cross browser compatible and device compliant - Our sites are formatted to work on Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and even Digital TV's (and play nice with Google Search).

They look good, are easy to navigate and as importantly get visitors engaged with strong calls to action - click here and get some!

Yanick Etienne

Yanick Etienne, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer and famous for her work with the legendary Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, in particular the bands hit song Avalon.

Enerwise was engaged to create new online presence including websites for her profile and the newly created Yan Fan Club.

Enerwise created graphics and artwork for her upcoming CD and launched the support website

Additionally Enerwise created the online ecommerce platform resulting in a successful online business for Yanick memorabilia.

iMacTips was the brainchild of Mark Tibley. Designed as a help forum for Apple Mac® users with tips, tricks and software reviews. The income stream comes from software sales and donations, all integrated into the website.

Combined with it's sister site it has gone on to be a hugely popular resource for Apple novices and power users alike. The online strategy called for a strong social media presence including YouTube, all of which Enerwise orchestrated and managed.

Car Armour Nano Vehicle Protection

Car Armour launched its range of superhydrophobic nano protection treatments in 2017.

Enerwise was briefed to create a site for distributors around the country to place orders and manage inventory as well as support pages for application videos and content.

The business was eventually sold to a UK master franchise in 2018.

The website ranked high on Google and attracted a significant number of distributor enquiries.

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