Its a question often asked and seldom answered honestly

Ranking well in Google is a science, its difficult but essential. How is it done?, why do most fail? and what can you do to improve your chances?

The truthful answer is seldom provided, WHY? - because NO ONE can guarantee you a specific position on Google (unless the keyword is your domain name, more on that later). With so many 'offers' to get your ranked and most of them giving (outlandish) guarantees, its hard not to be tempted.

So, here is the bad news:

It is difficult and detailed work getting a good ranking. It is time consuming and expensive.

The good news:

There are specific strategies that can improve your search position, some are perfuctionary, some are creative. The staring point is ALWAYS "where are we now".

Enerwise has industry standard and cutting edge tools that can quickly identify issues with your site that affect the 'technical' aspects of search positioning - So, we can identify why you are not ranking.

From there is it a matter of time/cost balance - I.e. does the cost of ranking well work on an ROI basis? - we can help you make this decison. We can identify the current barriers and suggest the changes required. We can monitor the progress and help you gain higher positioning. Just as importantly we will be brutally honest, we will not dangle dreams in front of you, just clear, factual information and proven methods to help you get more enquiries.
Enerwise quickly identified technical issues with our site, fixed them and designed a strategy to improve our searchability. Our visibilty has gone from page 28 to page ONE in 3 weeks - outstanding!"
AD - Melbourne
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