Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Now, we don't want to give the wrong idea here, we love digital, we are digital devotees. However, remember the mantra "When they Zig, You Zag"? - it has significant meaning and advantage if you can apply it in a timely manner.

A significant fortune is spent online via email campaigns, fancy web marketing, social media postings and all manner of digital dancing. The sad truth is that often this money is wasted, lost forever down the big white bowl of online obscurity.

Banging your head against the wall? Frustrated at little or no result?

Do Different - It works!

Direct Mail is alive and well. Creating cut through where other methods fall short. Creative direct mail can bring more customers for less. Try a creative campaign today

Direct Mail Is Dead?

It's not, but don't tell your competitors!

Direct mail campaign gets 83% response!

Enerwise was asked by a prominent American software company to reach out to decision makers in authority of the top IBM AS400 system users in Australia. The objective was to open the door to a conversation about high end software for supply control. All efforts at reaching the incumbents had previously failed.

With a targeted direct mail campaign we not only achieved an 83% cut through we had the targeted executives calling inbound.

Creativity and thinking different can work - it worked for Magellan and it can work for you, ask is how here.

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Used creativley, a traditional direct mail campaign can deliver huge dividends…

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Why did we send a dolls house window to window tint installers?

The answer is simple and it achieved an extraordinary response rate compared to previous email and digital campaigns. The reason is actually simple, why not get in touch and talk to us about targeted direct mail and how it can help cut through the clutter.

Enquire here, we look forward to hearing from you.

While email inboxes are becoming bombarded, cluttered, spammed and the attention span of recipients being smashed, the alternative is to communicate with something tactile, innovative and meaningful.

At Enerwise we have creative minds that can create campaigns that get past the gate keeper, cut through the clutter and reach the target audience. Our campaigns are thoroughly researched, use meaningful and personalised devices to stand out from the boring.


If you want to reach potential customers with an engaging message, contact us now and put our creativity to work, for you.